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A Look Ahead - Any optimists left?

by Jim McNierney

Well, before the World Series Starts I thought it might be a good time to look back at 2012 and see if there are any seeds of hope for a long suffering Mets fan as it pertains to the 2013 season. There is always some wonder in even casual fans as to what potentially great thing could be a part of the upcoming Winter Meetings or maybe the Mets could be part of some mega trade deal that could bring the key pieces needed to make the club a potential contending franchise.

There were some flashes of brilliance in 2012. Certainly nailing down the franchises first no-hitter in a historically pitching rich organization is a highlight. I know I've replayed that game a couple of times. We are all still hoping that R.A. Dickey will win the Cy Young this year. There is a pretty good argument to support that hope. If history has any bearing on the outcome though, the award typically doesn't go to a pitcher on a non-contending team. Even if that non-contending team is in a big market.

The pitching staff (at least the starting pitching) was perhaps the only respectable component of this team in 2012. The offense showed some smatterings of life in the first half but, it almost felt like the team ran out of gas during the All-Star break. We have several huge question marks around whether there is going to be any effort on the part of this ownership to extend David Wright's contract or R.A. Dickey's. In the case of the former, I love this kid... I would hate to see him go but, I don't think there is any hope of him seeing a championship in this organization until something massively changes in the organization.

 Sandy Alderson it seems was brought on to stop the bleeding as far as getting rid of some of the under performing and ill-fated contracts that the previous management had saddled the organization with. He's done that. What I haven't seen any evidence of is whether he or the ownership have any intention of trying to make this a contending organization any time soon. The talk about "staying the course" is an insult to anyone who has been paying attention.

There is no course. There is very little hope as a result. As I said, I'd hate to see him go but, it would probably be the best thing for Wright to hitch his star to a different (contending) organization. They have basically been waiting for any long term contract to age off but, they haven't shown the desire to rebuild the farm system with the money they are "saving."

In fact, they recently failed to retain the Class A affiliate a home in New York. Relegating the Class A club to Las Vegas which has historically been a putrid place to put any club. Thanks a lot Mr. Alderson for trying to keep any interest in the future easily assessable to your constituency.

I have been following this club for the entire 50 plus years of their existence. I have lived and died daily with the boxscores of the games. I have somehow managed to get a shred of optimism every Februrary in spring training. I have attended numerous spring training games over the past three years.

No Mas. No more.

I can't do it. Until this organization has the awareness that they are playing in a big market or there is a change in ownership. Whatever it takes to bring about the changes they need int he mindset and operation of this club . I'm enacting a boycott. From a look at the diminishing number of fans showing up for games, I'm not alone.

My message to management: You need to give us some reason, a shred of awareness that you are building and not going through the motions.  Hell, I would even like to see some evidence that you are awake and paying attention.  You have put your fans through an emotional roller coaster in the last six years. We aren't going to be able to stay engaged without some indication that the folks that are working to field this club are also interested in the success of the organization. At all levels.

Letting the Triple A club go from Buffalo to Las Vegas, the dilapidated conditions in Binghamton. You folks should be ashamed of what you folks are doing to all facets of this organization. Your hopes in some of these "up and coming" pitching prospects is ill-advised. We heard that crap back in the 1990's. Any one remember "Generation K" the Bill Pulsipher, Paul Wilson, Jason Isringhausen.

Yeah, that worked out well. See you in the funny papers. The joke is on us.

1 comment:

  1. I must say I agree with everything you just stated Jim. This team is unbearable to watch. And for all the talk about the minor league system look at the condition of the ballparks in Vegas and Binghamton as you stated. And how this team dumped their GCL team to only a year later reopen it. Mind boggling especially when you factor in the Yankees having "2 GCL TEAMS".

    This organization is vomit inducing