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Waking up to a recurring nightmare.

by Jim McNierney

I’m in agreement, in principle, with Mr. Casey’s post below in that I’m way tired of the losing tradition that this franchise has developed over the last five years. I am also dumbfounded as to how some of the professed allegiance to some of the scrubs that have basically been forced to take the field in place of a lot of high priced but, under achieving players in a lot of key positions on this club.

I will offer some observations about this franchise that I’ve culled from watching them for over 45 years now.

The only success this franchise has ever garnered was from a mixture of 2/3’s “home grown” talent (and building bench strength by having a strong farm system) and some key acquisitions to provide the veteran perspective and leadership. I can offer up the only two world championships (and their respective rosters) this franchise has produced as proof of this statement.

The Mets have tried time and again to “buy championships” by spending a dizzying amount of money in free agency signings all to no avail. That strategy doesn’t seem to work on this side of the Hudson as it has with that team from the Bronx.

The situation that we are contending with right now is with a depleted farm system (a by-product of this trade the future for assumed success now strategy that prevailed through most of the last decade), living through some bad contracting efforts by the last regime, a failure of the “technology and modern medicine” that has led to a depleted roster the last five seasons, and now an unprecedented threat to the ownership through non baseball related events.

What is a fan to do? I basically have been vacillating between wanting to tear my hair out (and I don’t have that much to speak of) and just feeling “snake bit.” I think realistically, that it is going to take more than a few years for this club to build a contender. Without some injection of money and some savvy drafting this may never happen in my lifetime.


  1. If Mr.Wilpon has no intention of making improvments to his team; & wants to keep crying about how much $$$ he doesnt have to pay any quality talent, do the Met fans a big favor & take your ego &sell the team to someone who wants to win!!! THERE IS NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!

  2. This is obviously only a business to the "money deprived" Wilpon's and a big joke to a big money market city like NY. What fans SHOULD do is not show up to any of the games and stop putting money back into this assholes pocket. Make him realize not one Mets fan is along for the ride and force him to sell. At least, that way we will know for sure he is not banking in on the MLB side of his so called business. It is time to move on Mets fans. I am no way a front runner nor a a bandwagon guy so I will always love my Mets but I will no longer possess season tickets as I have in the past nor purchase another Mets item until these 2 jerk offs are out of the equation. If they want to rebuild.......nobody is waiting for 2014, Mets fans, really WAKE UP!!!!! INVEST IN THIS TEAM AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are the toughest city, fans, and have give enough to this team....There is no crying in baseball, agreed.......but 1 or 2 voices can make a difference and imagine what 30,000 empty seats would do.

  3. the problem is not that they spend money on trying to buy championship its about not knowing how to pick certain players like they could of gotten curtis granderson russel martin and be competetive instead they got as much cheap unknown garbage that amounts to nothing and then they get discouraged. The gm is a huge fool and so is the team i m a huge mets fan but i dont understand their thinking at all.. If they would go get real players they would have no problems. now the yanks got all the guys they need to win Curtis G , russel martin, and Raul ibanez and easy guy to pick up. Go get kershaw and loney or kemp for a few players. like bay and batista who is terrible.

  4. Mets really need alot of things a better second base guy a much better left fielder instead of bay a better center fielder and pitching too they have to go get a few new pitchers pelfrey stinks another cheap get,. sick of it.. Y cant they get a matt holliday and posibly go get aj burnett if anything or go look into other teams such as seatle or the angels who have alot of guys.