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The Mets Lost a Winner Today

 By John Rahilly :)

           The inevitable finally happened, the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club finally traded the new sweetheart of the clubhouse, and fan base,  Carlos Beltran for the top San Francisco Giants pitching prospect Zach Wheeler.  It seems as If Sandy Alderson got his man after all, by standing his ground.  According to Keith Law, not many organizations can say they have two stud pitchers in their system like Harvey and Wheeler.
Most of today reports had this transaction as unofficial, but when Beltran takes the team out to dinner last night in Cincinnati, cleans his locker today, and was in Philadelphia tonight, where the Beard and the Giants are playing, it’s a done deal.
            So with the trade, it marks the end of another era  in Mets Lure, the Carlos Beltran era.  The player that showed so much explosiveness in the playoffs, that prompted Fred Wilpon to sign Carlos Beltran to a long term $119 million dollar contract.  Let’s not forget the infamous New Yorker article where Mr. Wilpon had this to say this about Carlos and his contract, “We had some schmuck in New York who paid him based on that one series”.  I think many share Mr. Wilpons sentiments about Carlos, some may even agree with the schmuck assessment.   
When healthy Carlos patrolled center field for the Mets like a gazelle (but a little too deep), and provided quiet leadership to Reyes and the rest of the Mets.  Remember after Tejada was taken out by Utley, it was Beltran that took care of business, Wright talked about it.  If you look at his stats seemingly he earned the money he was paid.  If we look at the curve ball he took from Adam Wainwright, or the two epic collapses, or the Walter Reed incident, and let’s not forget the surgery that was not approved by the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club – perhaps we did not get the ROI the Wilpons needed.  This is the saga or soap opera called the Carlos Beltran era – the good, the bad and the ugly. 
To many Carlos never seemed like he was or wanted to be the “The guy” for the Mets.  Unlike A-Rod, David Ortiz and Albert or even Adrian Gonzalez, he seemed destined to be a number two guy, like he was when Delgado was here and he fit in with all the guys on the Astros. 
To me I choose to remember the man who ran the bases and played center field like a no other in New York Mets History.  I also remember the guy that did all the charity work in NYC and back home in Puerto Rico.   We lost a champion today, and hopefully Sandy has found the Mets a top of the rotation starter.
Now I hope we catch the Braves, now with McCann out and kick Carlos butt in the playoffs – Lets Go Mets!


  1. Are you talking about the same Carlos Beltran that I watched play slightly a tad over average for the last 6 seasons in Queens ?

  2. Ditto - Lets Go Mets in 2012 ! ! !