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Did I see this story last year?

By John Rahilly
Another year and another Subway Series, this one marks the end of interleague play, thank goodness!  Last year the Mets were flying high above 500, Beltran returned and the Mets imploded, crashed and burned – you pick the descriptors.  Now the Mets are teetering just north of 500 with another midyear classic looming, and perhaps another implosion in queens.  Not this year, the stars may be aligned in our favor once and for all.
When Jose Reyes looks you in the eye and says poppy, I want to be a Met my whole career, I believe him.  Now a homegrown talent that electrifies a city and team the way he has, how can you not sign him?  Conventional wisdom says you can lose with or without him, but that’s the Mets way, I think despite the debacle called the wilpons and their financial troubles Jose will be back as a Met, and retire as a Met.  He won’t get Crawford money; he will get Reyes money which is more – Ok Poppy?
Collins and Alderson have changed, or at the very least have started the transition from Minayas culture of entitlement, to Alderson’s and Collins expectation of results and performance.  Jose Reyes is leading the team in the dugout, clubhouse and on the field, it is Jose’s teams – not David’s, it never was.  First it was Cliff Floyd and Mark Cameron’s, then it was Carlos Delgado’s and Carlos Beltrans – they never closed the ticket.  Now it’s Jose’s team.  The culture has changed we have a team to love again.
We are not last year’s vintage, and we are doing it with guts and guile that we have not seen in their parts, for quite some time.  Now if Mario Cuomo can wake up and be at least half as effective as his son Andrew, we will know if Fred needs to sell the club, and if we have an Einhorn in our future – allowing Sandy and his Dream Team to do their work and build a perennial winner in Flushing.
By the way, ownership and the front office were all huddled around tonight in the owner’s box, you think they were talking about how much to pay Jose?  Or was it how many days before they need to move out of the owner’s box?


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