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Show Reyes and Wright the door?

By John Rahilly
According to published reports last week, and the focus of sports talk radio, the Commissioner is confident that a deal will be brokered by July and the Mets will pay the $30 Million they owe MLB.  Just as important the Wilpons will have enough capital to pay off any fines assessed by the trustee,  Fans hope that maybe they will have the funds to be competitive and act like a big market club.
The Commissioner Bud Selig is predicting that the New York Mets may be on the road to recovery.  One of the names reported is Steven A. Cohen, he is the billionaire hedge fund manager of SAC Capital Advisors in Stamford, Connecticut.  His reputation is one of success and aggressiveness – something that already has me drooling.  Imagine aggressive ownership with and edge. 
Then we hear he may be a wee bit trouble and a risk.  Now I also hear today that the judge may be kicking out the suit filed by Picard, because it may be fact less - without real evidence.  Again, we hear alot, with nothing tangible except empty seats at Citifield - rain or shine, or if the Mets play the Dodgers or the Nats.
To that end, all rhetoric about how it is inevitable that Jose Reyes will get traded because the Mets don’t have money to spend on him,  maddens many and defies the logic of baseball lure.  My suggestion to you is have faith because I have not heard Sandy or Fred say Jose is gone, or anything that indicates to me that they are moving Jose.  
Keep in mind all of the rhetoric is comprised of sports talk radio personalities talking to Vinny from queens , and writers who have never played the game, or know the difference between a T Account and a T Bone Steak, pontificating that Jose is gone.  Realize this is conjecture, speculation and rhetoric at best - all fact less and without conformation from the front office. 
Sandy Alderson is an intelligent baseball man.  Sandy knows that you don’t let 28 year old talented homegrown talent walk away, unless they have a police record, or they have an over active Twitter Account - or worse yet they have dated Jessica Simpson, Lindsey Lohan or Madonna. Good baseball men know that you retain your talent. 
I thought it was nice that the ownership presented Sandy Alderson’s wife, Jose Reyes wife, and Jose's  mother Rosa, with roses before the mother’s day game at Citifield – it was also a good sign.  So I am sure Jose will return to the Mets, which could be a big mistake. 
Has Jose turned the corner and matured?  Which Jose will be the Jose we get if he signs here.  The 2007-2010 version or the April May version of 2011?  Have you watched a Met game at Citi-Field this year - its not like fans are paying to see him play like a Piazza or Santana...
 On a personal note, I would hate to see him with the Yankees, Phillies, Red Sox or Giants.  In fact I would keep him over Wright if I had a choice, I want him to stay right here.  Something to ponder as we enter the Subway Series this weekend, with Reyes and Wright we have made the playoffs one time - so why is it so imperative we keep them again, maybe we show both the door?