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Say it Ain't So Jose!!!!!!

By John Rahilly
It is possible that either,  one or both Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran will not be on the Mets 2012 roster – heck they could be gone by the dog days of August.  I reflect on that 2006 season where visions of championships and excitement ruled queens - not ethics and morals as it relates to investing.  Some even dared to talk about Mets being better than the Yankees, or at the very least the Mets building their own dynasty on the baseball diamond.  Now when I see that Citi commercial, I wish I was in Istanbul too!
          Kudos to Carlos Beltran this week for making the decision to move to right field for the good of the team, a selfless act for a player that many fans compare to a diva, unfairly I may add.  In fact, he has handled this move much better than Piazza acted at the end of his career and days as catcher - and the transition to 1B.  Who remembers how Mike handled that? 
          Carlos in comparison has much more fuel in the tank.  The naysayers will say Carlos Beltran is doing what is right for him and his next contract.  He did the right thing in my view for him, his family and the team.   He handled this much better than the Walter Reed debacle last summer, hasn't he?   
          The other thought or nightmare I have is this.   A year from now when Derek Jeter is a year older, and Jose is available could you envision Jose who loves the city and New York – playing shortstop for the evil empire?  Or how about Carlos Beltran playing RF in Yankee Stadium instead of "Nick Swishalicious" – sorry John Sterling haters?  Imagine that two-thirds of Omar’s core playing in the Bronx and not queens.  Now that would be the topping on the cake for Ownership.
          Boy I hope this money mess gets rectified real soon!  Could the Tea Party pass some TARP like legislation for owners of MLB teams with really, really bad luck or in the habit of making poor choices.  How much is a flight to Istanbul anyway?


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