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Here we go again...

by Jim McNierney

Well, it looks like we are finally on the verge of a new baseball season. It’s time to dust off all those hopes and fears that are inherent within any baseball fan’s heart. This is most assuredly true in the case of a New York Mets fan.

We’ve had an interesting off-season. The club made only a series of minor moves, not garnering much press at all in a major market. This as we have come to understand and accept is due, in large part, to the financial uncertainty that the ownership is suffering through.

As a fan, we understand this. We have no choice but, to accept it. We can only hope the situation gets resolved soon.

Prior to that heartburn, we were settling into accepting 2011 as the season that we needed to get through so that some of the really bad personnel contracting decisions that were part of the former GM and baseball operations regime can finally age off and free up some contracting dollars. Now, we have the added uncertainty that even after these mistakes have been paid off, ownership might still be hard pressed to recover from the financial difficulties that have become headlines over the last few months.

It surely seems like a series of dark clouds and bad weather has come home to roost atop any Mets fan's hopes and dreams.

This timing is really poor. The fan base has had to live through the massive disappointments that we were “one out away” in 2006, 2007, 2008, great promise for 2009 but, again, nothing but disappointment. We’ve had nothing but, bitter dregs at the end of the last seasons lately (it seems) at the hands of a seemingly unending series of bad luck injuries to key staff. We’ve seen horrid seasons from once promising personnel that were highly touted and seemingly at the top of their career.

We’ve said goodbye to our beloved Shea Stadium and the last two seasons have shown that the new home field, hasn’t brought any luck (other than bad) to the homes and hearts of the loyal Mets fan base. Ticket prices have been dropping more rapidly than Ollie Perez’s pitch velocity.

It surely seems that those that do attend games this year will have plenty of elbow room. The parking lot will not be hard pressed to contain any tailgating groups.

Despite all of that, we will shoulder the load. We will muster our meager hopes and watch with baited breath to see if there is life in this club. If Terry Collins can somehow get this battered group of athletes to believe that they have a chance against some greatly improved divisional rivals in the National League East.

Mets fans are a hardy lot (the real fans). They will make their way to Citi Field, they will sit in the empty stands and cheer with all their might for this rag tag collection of highly paid millionaires that wear the Orange and Blue. We will cheer, we will cry, we will be there.
It makes no sense. Not in the true rational logical ways that most people attempt to apply to their own lives. That’s why you have to remember that fan is short for fanatic. It’s not supposed to make sense.

Glad to see baseball being played again. Good luck to all of my stout hearted Met Fan brethren. May this season be amazing…

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