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Bye, bye Luis

by Jim McNierney

Well the other shoe finally dropped for Luis Castillo. As unfair as it is, he will always be remembered for the dropped pop up in the subway series. He was posting decent numbers and it’s a little unclear as to what else he was supposed to do this spring to distinguish himself in the competition for the starting second base job.

The incident recently where he was called on the carpet for not taking ground ball drills on a day that he was scheduled only to DH looms large as the “final straw.” Despite that, this decision is probably most indicative of the fact that the team truly wants to turn the corner and start anew more so than any one incident that occurred this spring or any misdeeds in the past.

Now Met fans vitriol can focus all their bile on our other favorite player to hate, Oliver Perez. Ollie has actually seemed to accept the current bullpen assignment. He is showing some promise in the role of a specialty reliever whose sole job will be to get left handed hitters out in a pinch. It still seems a very small job for a large amount of money but that money is already “spent.” The real decision needs to be, can his presence in the bullpen be less of a distraction and provide real value for the expense of the roster spot.

It’s a given that if there are any missteps along the way with Ollie, the public outcry for his head will be loud and persistent. With Castillo gone, Ollie will have to bear the full wrath of bad decisions past and frustrations with the outcomes of the past season and the dim prospects for this one.


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