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The Boys are Almost Back in Town!

           By John Rahilly
            Yes any moment now pitchers and catchers and the rest of the 2011 New York Mets report to Camp Collins, under the watchful eye of Sandy Alderson, and his Dream Team front office. 
Now as Susan,  the Grand Leader of Mets Nation in Scranton PA,  said to me not to long ago, just the sights and sounds of spring, and young men playing catch under the Arizona and Florida sun makes us all feel a little warmer and better.  My Blog for the week though goes in a different direction and is a follow up to my last discussion with Mets nation; it’s all about the Wilpons and Bernie – with a twist.    
          I really like what Piazza said a few weeks back at the Thurman Munson dinner about looking at this mess positively.  I think he is right.  Sometimes in life we need to see that silver lining when it’s not visible to the trained eye. 
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, sometimes after divorce we find our true love.  Sometime when we lose a job, we find our career and what makes us happy, and when medical science finds cures through pain and suffering - mankind benefits.  I look at the Mets mess in the same vein.  I recall when George M Steinbrenner was banished from the game; Stick Michael built the dynasty called the New York Yankees – without Georges meddling,  Yankee fans have been a roya pain in my *&^ ever since. 
Maybe this is the distraction Sandy needs, or perhaps Fred needs a new partner, or ultimately they may sell the team to another billionaire, who might bring deep pockets and a passion to the organization,  that Met Nation Fans like, Lisa on Long Island, and Carole in Connecticut or Sharon in PA have,  and bring to my Mets and life in general.
   Maybe some good will come out of this, I feel better knowing a man of class and dignity like Mario is Cuomo is now the arbitrator for this mess.  Moreover, I like our lineup and maybe Jon Neise and Big Pelf take the next step, and maybe Sandy does know what he is doing after all.  Maybe if we play like we did in the 1H last season all year long and we get a break here and there, my brother and I will not be watching games at CitiField alone this season.    
You know Susan may be right I am feeling better already – the games are on!  Let’s Go Mets!

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day Rita!

1 comment:

  1. The METS ARE ALMOST HERE! Totally looking forward to the new season with new management. I was wondering though if you caught this commercial on MSG yet though. They are doing a feature story on the World Champion ’86 Mets. I feel like this might be our year guys. Watching this new show will definitely get me in the mood for the regular season, how about you?