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"Pitching, Pitching, Pitching, and more Pitching"

by Dan Bottiglieri

In case you missed it, reports are stating the Mets are closing in on a deal with Chris Young. I guess this is a case of low risk, high reward. Dollar figures aren't out yet, but can someone please explain to me how this deal is any different than any other injury risk the Mets have put on the field in the last 5 years?

Let's start with Moises Alou. The Mets decided to bring him back at a bargain basement price of $8 Million for the 2008 season. This seemed a no-brainer at the time because Alou in 87 games the previous year, Alou put up numbers of .341/.392/.524. Not to be overlooked was the fact that Alou missed 75 games in 2007, his age 40 season. 2008 was more of the same for Alou, but worse. He appeared in only 15 games, registering 54 plate appearances.

In 2009, the Mets acquired J.J. Putz from Seattle. Putz was to be the bridge to the 9th inning. A dominant closer with an overpowering fastball when healthy, Putz came to the Mets with elbow issues and these issues ended his season in June.

The Mets already have injury concerns already at SP (Santana), SS (Reyes), CF (Beltran), and LF (Bay; shoulders/post-concussion). These aren't platoon players. They are all going to play a pivotal role in the success or failure of the 2011 Mets. This is another risk on yet another player that needs to play a major role on this team. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe this will all turn out fine. Maybe Chris Young will find his former ace self and maybe Beltran and Reyes will play 150 games each. But history suggests that would just be a fantasy.


  1. Nice piece, I don't view any of these moves by the Mets as the final piece of the puzzle. Moreover, your right this has been the Mets way for a while.

    I am happy with the direction of the team and how Sandy has tempered expectations. These are all upside moves, the club reducing ticket prices set the tone for the off season and with that Sandy made the best dinner with the groceries he was given - but I do think he is better equipped to do more with less and build a professional organization that holds men accountable - unlike Omar.

  2. I agree that Sandy has a plan. But he is trying to pull the cover over our eyes with his talk of being a contender in 2011. If they are a contender in 2011 it will have more to do with the Phillies, Braves, and Marlins falling on their faces than with the Mets actually being a solid team.

    I just can't find 81 wins on this schedule with a rotation of Pelfrey, Niese, Dickey, Chris Young, and inevitably Ollie for a few starts. Now try to find 95 wins. We're banking on Dickey having another career year, Ollie improving on his 7+ERA in the Mexican Winter League, Pelfrey to be better than his history of terribly hot and cold career streakiness, and Niese to continue to improve (in my opinion the best pitcher in the bunch).

    I agree that Sandy has more of a plan and organizational philosophy than Omar ever did. But, I don't like rolling the dice on another "prime" year in Reyes and Wright's hopefully long careers with the Mets.