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Do you consider New York Mets ownership sincere? I say yes!

By John Rahilly
It is just a little bit over a month before Pitchers and Catchers report to Port St. Lucie, and we begin to defrost from a frigid off season.  In the hearts and minds of many in Mets nation, this winter thus far can be described as a season filled with record snow fall and a team that seems to be destined to stay cool in the basement this summer.  The cynical fan says dynasty builders beware, I disagree I think the dynasty builders are here in queens.
With acquisitions this off season of infielder Chin-lung Hu, LHP Taylor Tankersley, RHP Taylor Buchholz, and LHP Chris Capuano and the departures of Pedro Feliciano and Hisanori Takahashi have Met Nation card holders in a foul mood.  But Pedro had an uneven 2010 and Takahashi was never a Cy Young Winner was he?   Besides Lee who did we miss out on that would have put us over the top for years to come?  
A few things we need to clarify before we head south; the rumors about Mr. Met being in the same rehab center as Lindsay Lohan are false and fabricated by TMZ, the other thing that is not true,  is this claim that Mets ownership does not want to win, and is not committed to doing so,  are also false.  It may be true that they do not know how to build a winning atmosphere and organization, but their desire can never be disputed.  Sandy was hired to take care of running the baseball operation and build a winning culture in queens for the Wilpons.   
According to, the Mets have been handcuffed because they owe eight players $111.5 million in 2011.  Moreover, as Gary Cohen pointed out this week on Mets Hot Stove,  the Mets will be in the top 5 this year, and most years, in payroll – does that sound like an ownership group that is not committed to winning?
Isn’t it Bill Parcells that said “you are what your record says you are”? Well the Mets have not been very good the last few seasons for a multitude of reasons.  The Dream Team front office is using this year to recalibrate and rebuild this organization from the bottom up.  Yes the Dynasty Builders are here in queens to stay, and maybe just maybe, the Wilpons will spend their resources wisely for a change and by 2012-13 will look like geniuses.
By the way – where do I get my Willie Harris Jersey? 


  1. I agree the Wilpons are committed to winning, when you spend that much on winning and don't the only thing to do is go with a new plan. The Mets weren't close enough to the ring to just up the ante a bit more like the Sox.

  2. The key is the mets need to build an organization that allows them to be bona fide contenders year in year out, with the reources they have. Unlike the old model where 2 out of 10 years they are decent.

  3. I don't think the Wilpons aren't trying to win. I laugh when people call them cheap. They do have a top of the line payroll. My problem is with the organizational forward thinking.

    A free agent that could have helped this team this year and for years to come would have been Cliff Lee. What about Carl Crawford? The Mets were never in the ballgame for him. With Ollie (12MM), Castillo (6MM), Beltran (~20MM), K-Rod (hopefully 15MM) coming off the books next year, they could have splurged for someone to help their team in the future. Looking ahead to next year's class, it's well documented that it's mostly 1st basemen. Unless they are going to deal Ike, there is no way to improve the team next year either without hurtin gthe farm. I expected Sandy to look forward, but I'm not sure he did. But I'm sure the Wilpons told him there was no room for more payroll in 2011.

  4. I think to be fair, they have a majority of their money tied up with a few bad contracts. They are using this year to gain some flexibility - once they dropped ticket prices it told me what their expectations were.