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6 Weeks to Pitchers and Catchers

By John Rahilly

In only six weeks Pitchers and Catchers will report.  As we look forward to 2011, for what it’s worth, here is my two cents as I look ahead to the Pitchers and Catchers reporting in 6-weeks.
·       I hope Sandy Alderson and his Dream Team front office build a functional farm system,  that produces bona fide MLB caliber players that can be fixtures for Mets Nation (i.e. David Wright, and Jose Reyes), or can be used as chips to land the talent the Mets need to field a championship caliber club each year like the Red Sox or Yankees - Frank Cashen excelled at that.

·       For starters lets begin and end with a healthy 2011season – the last few years we certainly have not been championship caliber, at the same time we been healthy or lucky - seems like we had a shuttle bus going from Citifield to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

·       Terry, How about winning some road series this year against teams, other than the Nationals, the Cleveland Indians and the Baltimore Orioles, as was the case in 2010, heck we did not win our 1st road series until inter leauge play - Last Year our road record was 17 games under 500, this should be something Terry and Sandy start working on day one when catchers and pitchers report – how about some mental toughness!

·       Was it me, but it seemed like every time we were behind after 7 innings, the game went into the loss column.  Now that is something Terry can work on, and Sandy can help when he fills out the roster.

·       The Mets resign Jose Reyes and David Wright so they end their careers with the Mets.

·       How about Carlos Beltran and the rest of the Mets run out every ground ball and slide hard into any base regardless of the score, just like Chase Utley did to Ruben Tejada - Can we say retribution?

·       The Wilpons return to financial health and are able to become players in the off-season once again.

By the way, I know Sandy said no signings or player movement until after the 1st of the year – it’s now the 4th, time to get a move on! 


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