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You Gotta Have Faith and Believe!

By John Rahilly

            Mayor Bloomberg should inform the NYPD to be on the lookout for bridge jumpers in Mets Garb, Cliff Lee signed with the dreaded Phillies!!  Not only did Cliff Lee sign with the Phillies, they stole him from the dreaded New York Yankees – or the Evil Empire as we like to call them in Mets Nation, Omar never did that!  To make matters worse, they do this right before the holidays for many of us, after a less than an auspicious start for Sandy Alderson, and his Dream Team of a Front Office, according to the fan base and sports talk radio.
          Sandy and Terry say the Mets will be competitive, and Sandy says he is not going to apologize for a payroll of somewhere in the neighborhood of, $130 - $140 million.  I can’t say I blame him, that’s a lot of shekels in this economy.    Let’s not forget he takes over an organization whose farm system is middle of the road, or less, depending upon which issue of Baseball America you read.  You have a team that seemingly forgot to play the game since that memorable night in Mets lore, when Endy Chavez made “the catch” , and Willy Randolph had vapor lock on the bench, and of course Beltran took that nasty curve ball, and the Cardinals win the NLCS – the rest is history. 
How the mighty have fallen, and fallen hard. Omar Minaya once the prince of Flushing Queens is the villain for the Mets demise.  Jeff Wilpon the next in line for the throne did not help matters any form what I hear.  Together they created a losing culture on and off the field, and a dysfunctional organization from top to bottom in Flushing.   I saw the Press Conference on SNY and the next day interviews on Boomer and Carton, where the Wilpons say things like, “this is an organizational failure”, “we want to build a winner here”, and I swore I would not say this but, “we will play meaningful games in September and October”.  I think I rented this movie before, but then they hired Sandy and everything is anew again.
          The Dream Team has little or no flexibility this offseason because of those bad contracts of the previous regime, such as the Bad Ollie and Luis Castillo – Johan’s buddy from the Twins. Moreover, they are near the top in payroll, for a team that finished below 500 in two of the last 3 years.  Why not rebuild, and do this the right way with a true professional, and gentlemen at the helm.  Sandy promises to go hard for young talent in the June Draft – sounds good to me.
 I don’t know about you,  but as lifetime Met fan, and living in the Northeast seeing what the big-3 teams (Phillies, Red Sox and Yankees)  in this region have become - I think Sandy has the right approach.  We need to build something sustainable for a change, for years we saw what quick fixes did for the Knicks and Rangers, when we heard we cannot have a rebuilding effort in New York, why not?  Heck, I have been a Met fan my whole life and seemingly, our rich history of losing suggests otherwise.

 Some facts about my New York Mets
o   They have finished above 500, only 47% of the time
o   They have only made the playoffs 14% of the time
o   They have finished in first place less than 10% of the time
o   They have been the second banana 22% of the time

Let the Dream Team Begin!


  1. Great thoughts, I agree rebuilding is an option in NY. People still see the Knicks and they suck, the Mets won't get that bad "rebuilding". If we rebuild maybe we could be one of those teams that is actually on top for years like the Phillies seem they are going to be. Look we aren't catching the Phillies this year unless they catch the injury bug anyways.

  2. I agree, by the way with some of our talent we are closer than we think...Ike, Jose, Bay, Wright and Beltran are not a bad start.