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Happy Holidays – Brewers get Zack Greinke

By John Rahilly         
The Brewers get Zack Greinke from the Royals!!  Again, twice in one week the Evil Empire has been thwarted by another organization not named the Red Sox, this time a small market team – How Bout That!  It used to be along with death and taxes, the Yankees getting their man was a guarantee in life, around here anyway.  Using this week as an indication not so much!  The problem for the Mets is that another shopper is doing their Holiday Shopping, with the Mets, making good parking is that much harder to come by. 
          Let’s look at this with the Glass Half Full; it is the Holiday Season after all.  The Yankees lost out on Mr. Greinke because first they most likely did not have the chips to deal, and second perhaps this guy did not like New York – just like Lebron, Ed Whitson and Richie Hebner. 
The reality is the Yankees lost Geninke because their prospects do not measure up, much like the Mets farm system that Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya built.  Hence, Sandy’s strategy is correct, and the right one for the Mets front office.  He is rebuilding a total organization from A to Z – one that will be sustainable. You cannot be a sustainable organization just buying talent - you need to do it all. 
Remember when George was banished by the commissioner, stick Michael and Bob Watson focused on building a farm system that produced Jeter, Mariano, Posada and Andy Petite amongst others – the money and overspending just kept it going.   The core is getting older and the core is not the core anymore.
I think Sandy is onto something here, and I thank Fred Wilpon for getting us Met fans the best holiday present – Sandy Alderson and his dream team front office, because their approach is the right one.
What do you, Think?


  1. So if our farm system stinks, why not give away some of those guys we have now to have gotten Uggla? He was delt for peanuts.

  2. I don't know that Infante was peanuts, he was key to the bravos...Problem with Uggla is he plays an awful defensive 2B, and the Mets owe Luis Castillio a lot of money, plus we need pitching more so than a 2B that cannot catch the ball