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Perez is too big to fail

by Jim McNierney

It’s really too bad that owners of baseball clubs can’t be fired. The Wilpons have done a lot for the Mets franchise but lately, the signals that are emanating from the ownership indicate either a complete disconnect from the fans, total bumbling melancholy or probably more pointedly that they can’t afford to bring a championship team to the city of New York.

The most prominent example of this is the fact that Oliver Perez is still sitting in the bullpen and collecting a mountainous paycheck. Omar Minaya clearly made a bad decision to sign Perez for three years (at over $12 million dollars per) before the beginning of the 2009 campaign. Okay, admit the mistake and do something about it. The recent claims by the ownership that Omar is likely going to continue his position with the club only accents the fact that they are totally willing to continue with a mediocre product in this market.

Perez’s agent, Scott Boras should clearly be patting himself on the back for negotiating this contract. Maybe for an encore, Mr. Boras should now start to work for BP in their Public Relations plan to erase the black eye that company has in the World’s view.

Oliver Perez has become a cancer on the roster of this club. He has become a symbol of mediocrity and the fact that the owners can’t or won’t move him indicates to the fans that they are making decisions based solely on their pocketbook. New stadium, revenue from cable, revenue from a corporate sponsor (a company we all helped to bail out)… None of that factors in here. Ollie will remain a hemorrhoid on this club. He’ll be given mop up duties during games that are completely lost all ready (yet another indication that we are totally accepting of defeat and mediocrity).

The Mets management did try to convince this player to accept assignments to the minors but he won’t go. So, it seems that we are firmly entrenched in a painful impasse that neither party seems able to fix. The only options left the club are to eat the remainder of this misguided contract or to continue to waste a roster spot with someone that they can’t use.

So, Mets fans… don’t “wait until next year” because this problem isn’t going away. Perez is signed through the 2011 season. My suggestion to the Mets management is to create a roster spot that allows Oliver Perez to continue gainful employment at a sick salary and have him sell hot dogs in the stands or sweep the parking lot. At least it will be something of substance.


  1. Will the Mets ever learn from their astoundingly stupid front office mistakes going back decades? Never, ever, ever, ever give a player a long-term guaranteed contract. If you do, you get what you deserve. Johan Santana? The Mets could have finished fourth without him, and as good as he may be, he's no Tom Seaver. Carlos Beltran? His defining moment as a Met was striking out to end the pennant season with the bat on his shoulder. He wasn't worth a dime, no less a hundred million bucks. Try this: give a player the major league minimum, with generous performance bonuses. That way if they play up to their hype, which they they almost never do, they'll be rewarded handsomely. And if they don't, they'll still make more in one season than the average Mets fan will in a lifetime. The Mets front office and owners have every right to keep running the team into the ground; it's theirs, after all. But they will never get another dime out of me, and that hurts me to say as I've been a Mets fan since 1968. Good luck paying for their new stadium. And in case no one got the memo, Jackie Robinson, icon that he is, never played a game in his life with an NY on his cap, so I can't for the life of me figure out how he became a Met when they moved to Citi Field. At least they can't overpay him anymore. And what about Willie Mays? At least he actually played for the team. If you're going to retire a number it should be 24.

  2. that is why omar& jerry must go we need winneres not losers