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New York New York, you can't make it there.

By David Serna

Today was a complete waste of Mets fans time. Except for the fact that Johan Santana delivered another spectacular outing, even with the two HR's given up, the Mets blew a perfect opportunity to put together a 3 game winning streak. And against the Pirates, with the exception of the Nationals, maybe the worst team in the major league baseball the last decade and maybe a little longer.
Forget about the HoJo outburst for hitters only that did a lot of good. You need more than him letting loose. Heads need too roll.
When your getting E-mails and you see advertising during a game mentioning better seats for cheaper prices, you know there is an issue. The issue is they stink. There really is no sense pointing fingers at this point because the whole team right down too the trainers and possibly Mr Met are too fault. Don't ask me why, I figure they all should take the heat, it's a team effort.
I know I have been gone along time here at this blogging site, but I have continued too watch the slow and painful fall of the Mets since after the All Star break. That's another rant I will not get into today.
I do feel sorry though for one player, as I mentioned above. Johan Santana. Four excellent starts in a row, three complete games in a row and the Mets offense has put up 9 runs in those last four starts. Forget about the other offensive lows, this guy has taken a beating being a Met.
No decision's, lost games in late innings due to lack of hitting with RISP and leaving with leads too the incapable hands of the Mets bullpen.
I would not fault Johan Santana for bolting New York as soon as he possibly can. Not one bit.
I guess at the moment that's it. We all can see inside looking from the outside that this team is not making it with what they have. My suggestion, it's time to rebuild for next year. Can I go in depth, sure. Ah pitching and hitting and spend some green the right way. Don't be afraid to go after Jason Werth or Roy Halladay even Adam Dunn. I know they tried with Jason Bay and im hoping that pans out. But maybe it's time for Olie Perez, John Maine, Jose Reyes, Luis Castillo and possibly Carlos Beltran to exit stage right. Oh yeah can't leave Jerry out he looks like he has had enough. Hey Omar job security is gone during these times.
What hurt the most is that Lastings Milledge put one out on Santana. Talk about coming back to haunt you. Wow.
Maybe I was a little hard on Mr Met.


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