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Mets interested in Myers

The New York Mets have so many different things to do going into the July 31 Trade Deadline. But, as many of us know is that the Mets need to get some pitching, mainly Starters. After missing out on Cliff Lee that so many Met fans' were hoping to see happen, has now become just a fairy tale dream. That seems like every day for Met fans'. We heard of Carmona, Oswalt, and Ted Lilly, but one that the Mets have just recently felt interest in is Astros' starter Brett Myers.

Of course many baseball fans know is that the Houston Astros are clearly out of the running for a playoff spot as they sit in last place in the National League Central. They are doing what the Seattle Mariners did and that is sell to get future and notable prospects. Hey why not sell to the New York Mets, right? Myers is 6-6 with 89 K's, and an ERA of 3.41. He is said to be "A trade option" by the Mets and Astros. He has a mutual option for $8 million next year, but $2 million would buy it out.

So, it seems to me that Myers would not be expensive and therefore would make a good addition to the Mets Starting Rotation. Myers brings something else to the table that not many "Trade Options" have and that is intimate knowledge of a National League Rival. That Rival being the Phillies, who Myers pitched for in eight seasons.

As many Met fans know is that Omar Minaya needs to make a big move this July 31 Trade Deadline. He already missed the biggest blockbuster being Cliff Lee and he was unable to get a starting pitcher this past offseason. If Minaya is unsuccessful in getting the job down; the Mets could be seeing a new GM in town.


  1. I agree that if Minaya still does have significant control that he will try to make a bold move. Myers isn't a bad option, not sexy but he is having an all right season thus far.

  2. I'm not sure it's a guarantee that Omar makes a move before before the trade deadline. If the team continues to struggle than any move will seem desperate and unwarranted. But if a move is made, it's doubtful that it will be a big move for a sexy player, because as it stands now such a player would cost too much. But if possible, Brett Myers or Ted Lilly would be a good fit at an affordable cost.