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Core Four

For the first time in awhile I am completely confident that the Mets core players are capable of leading the Mets to success both this year and in the future. This is also the first time that the core is made up completely of home-grown players. For all the talk about how the Yankees success is attributed to the fact that they have the deepest checkbook in Baseball, it is not their many free agent signings that has led to their many success's. No it is instead their homegrown talent that has been at the forefront of the Yankees success since the mid 90's. From Derek Jeter to Robinson Cano, it is the players that have come up through the Yankees system that has led them to win 5 out of the past 15 world series.

Throughout my tenure as a Mets fan I have never been confident with the Mets homegrown players. There have always been a few great players that had the capability to be the core of the Mets team for years to come. For the past 5 or 6 years we have had two players in David Wright and Jose Reyes that had the ability to be those kind of players, but not on their own. They needed help of players who came up through the same Mets system that they did. Finally it is my believe that they have that help in Ace pitcher Mike Pelfrey and stud first baseman Ike Davis.

I've had this impression for about 2 or 3 weeks now, but it wasn't until last night that I was truly confident that the Mets now have a complete core. Pelfrey on a night that as he puts it, didn't have his best stuff, was absolutely dominating. With the exception of one start in Philly he has been dominating opponents all season. Last off season us Mets fans thought that we needed to sign John Lackey so that we could have a true #2 pitcher. Instead, however all we needed to do was look at our own roster and we found that we didn't have a #2 pitcher, but rather a 2nd ace.

As for Ike, he is the first Mets first baseman to even come close to having the defensive prowess of Keith Hernandez. With a few more seasons he may even prove to be as good as Keith if not better. However it is not his defensive skills that have impressed me, we knew all along that he was going to be a great defensive first basemen. Instead it is the fact that we know have a great left handed bat in the lineup for years to come, to go along with the right handed Wright and the switch hitting Jose Reyes. Ike has also been coming through in clutch situations all season, but it was last night that he proved to me that he is officially a clutch player. As a Mets fan I am always pessimistic that the team will always find a way to lose a game if a pitcher like Pelfrey or Santana throws a gem and then comes out in a close game. However when Ike came up in the bottom of the 11th, I had confidence that he would make something happen. Then he hit a rocket to right field and left me screaming, I like Ike!

So Mets fan tonight I want you to sit back and relax when you are watching Santana take the mound to earn us our 10th straight home win. Knowing that we finally have a homegrown core four to lead us into hopefully the next generation of Mets baseball.

BY: Paul Malamood


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