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Where are we as fans, as a team?

by: Alan Toppin

The Mets are currently 19-20 and sitting near the bottom of their division. During the off-season after that dreadful year prior, we as fans screamed for a better product on the field, whether it was to obtain better starting pitching or add more offense, it was demanded. Ownership appeased us by getting a new right fielder, for some it was their second choice, others obviously their first. That was it, surprisingly. Coming into the year we knew our Mets would struggle and when they went on that amazing 9-1 home-stand our fears were temporarily erased until the Nationals series, the Giants series and the first ever sweep in Miami. That's when the "told you so" responses flooded the airwaves. Or the typical "Mets stink" or the "Ownership doesn't have a clue" statements came in. To be honest, all of those statements may be true but honestly, where are we as Mets fans. True Mets fans. I find myself watching SNY every night hoping they win although according to studies, SNY viewership is down. I think die hard Mets fans are still watching. If I had Citifield tickets or better yet, if I didn't have a family of five I would attend Citifield games and that's because I am a true Mets fan. So I ask once again, where are we as Mets fans? Have we given up hope on the season or do we watch as true fans. Although in the back of my mind I feel a slight doom and gloom, I will continue to watch my team, hoping and praying all those quoted statements and questions aren't true.


  1. This is pathetic. How as a "true" Mets fan can you tolerate a team of losers and head cases. As long as this team is owned by the Wilpons and managed by Omar Minaya, matters will only get worse. I say trade all the "established" Mets, and start from zero. We already have a potentially great first basemen in Ike Davis, and that is a start. Forget about Wright and Reyes, two of the most over rated players in Mets history. Hold on to Pelf and some of the other players and get rid of the others before the loser mentality poisons them too.

  2. A true mets fan will support the team no matter what. They might have ideas on how to change things and make it better, but even if the team struggles they won't be over critical because as David Putty says "You gotta support the team".

  3. We continue to watch and hope for wins and miracles, as we always do. With that being said I have no faith in the ownership / administrative staff of this organization. Changes need to be made!