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Waiver Wire

By Kevin Casey

According to, two significant players were released by their respective teams today, both of which could present a huge upside for the Mets at little to no expense. First, the White Sox released RHP Daniel Cabrera, the once heralded starting pitcher prospect from the Baltimore Orioles organization. Cabrera was on the open market last year, and signed late with the Washington Nationals. After putting together lackluster numbers, he was released and signed by the White Sox. Last offseason, many people close to the Mets pushed for them to sign Cabrera as a reclamation project. Well, here he is. He's there for the taking. Signing Cabrera to a minor-league deal and throw him on the Bisons and hope for him to rekindle his past "stuff" cannot hurt. Secondly, the Nationals released Elijah Dukes today. According to the team's press release, this had nothing to do with his infamous off-field issues, but was simply a roster move (most likely to make room for Jermaine Dye). However, Dukes has 1 minor league option left and is only 25. He has huge potential if he is treated the correct way, with kid gloves. I am not sold on Jeff Francoeur, and putting Dukes in Buffalo to start the season is not a bad idea. The way the Mets fell apart last year and so far this year, the Mets cannot have enough able bodies. If the Mets do go this route, the first signs of trouble from Dukes should end his shot with the team.

Both these guys could bring about big returns on a small investment. Just some food for thought.


  1. The mets have enough reclamation projects on their 25 man big club roster, why take on more! Secondly we don't have a quality minor leaque coach who could turn around a hungry dog with a t-bone steak. If you get excited over other teams trash like Cabrera and Dukes you must be easy to shop for at Xmas!

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