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Waiting for the Inevitable and Hoping for the Best

April is on the horizon; the days will get longer, the weather will get warmer, the snow will melt, and baseball teams will return to their turfs. The Yankees will boast yet another World Series Trophy aiming for their 28th while the Mets will just try to keep their head above water and try not to sink.
The Mets are coming off one of their most disappointing seasons with shattering star injuries and a dismal 70-92 record; a very good record for an NBA team, but substantially short of a playoff spot in the MLB.
In actuality every season has been a disappointment ever since 1986, the last time they won it all (unfortunately I wasn’t even alive then). However, it’s been especially disheartening since that Wainright curveball buckled Beltran’s knees leaving the bases loaded along with the dreams of winning a World Series title.
Ever since then the Mets have been the Pablo Picasso of choke-artists. The heart-break kids managed to blow big division leads in back to back seasons. The worst came in 2007 when they blew a 7 game lead with 17 games left to the Phillies. I personally sat in the stands watching Benedict Glavine give up seven runs in the first, validating the infamous choke.
Perhaps the 2009 Mets did us a bit of a favor by not waiting until the end of the season to blow the division, saving fans from further trauma. It’s as if the Mets used up all of their good luck on the dribbler through Bill Buckner’s legs because hard luck is all that they have now.
I don’t mean to be Mr. Sunshine, but the Mets have made me this way. They’ve given me very little reason to bode confidence in their franchise over my 22-years on earth. I often joke how being a Mets fan is like being in an abusive relationship (obviously not as serious). I always complain about how terrible the Mets are and they always find ways to lose in the worst way possible. I say I want to leave them and find another team, but I always come back to them.
I hate to say it but I have very little faith in this 2010 New York Mets team. It’s not so much that I’m mad I’m just disappointed (and disappointment makes me mad). I don’t intend to be this pessimistic, but the Mets made me this way. Judging by the Mets immediate history another tragedy is in the making.
However, the beauty of spring is it’s the time of rebirth and revival. Seeing yesterdays spring training game made me feel something I hadn’t felt in a while; what it was like to see the Mets win a game (even though it didn’t count).
But as the old cliché goes, everyone starts off in first. You never know what can happen throughout a 162 game season and that’s why they play them. As long as most of our main players play most of those games then there’s a chance. Even if they don’t, you never know.


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