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A resurgence from the pitching staff... please.

by Jim McNierney

Recent news post on the official NY Mets web site basically stated that the Mets were looking for resurgence from their pitching staff.

That’s kind of like saying that the team is hungry, the kind of hunger you get when you haven’t eaten in a long while. It’s a bit of an understatement, to say the least.

The pitching staff ranked 12th in the NL based on ERA. The Mets were 7th worst in the league in allowing hits, 8th worst in giving up runs. They ranked 14th of the 16 teams in strikeouts.

Yeah, the pitching has some room to improve…

The pitching staff was a source of consternation during the 2009 campaign but it was far from the only area that the Mets struggled with.

The Mets finished tied for first in the National League in terms of team batting average but they also finished 12th in runs and RBIs. That combination seems to indicate that they got hits but, couldn’t “close the deal” and score runs with the opportunities that they had.

Their fielding was also somewhat suspect. They ranked 11th in the 16 teams within the NL in fielding percentage. What these stats don’t convey totally are the heartbreaking errors in fundamentals. Things like dropping a game to the Yankees basically because Castillo didn’t field an easy pop up because he stupidly one handed a pop up that any little leaguer would have caught easily by simply using two hands.

As it has been documented ad nauseam, the Mets were continually going through a nightmarish string of injuries but, despite that, they had opportunities.

Since the decision makers within this organization has not found it within their grasp to make any substantial moves during this off-season, it’s going to a stretch for even die-hard fans to feel much hope going into this 2010 season.

The resurgence that is being looked for within the pitching staff will have to include John Maine and Mike Pelfrey returning to the form they showed in 2006 and 2007. The eternal search for a solid fifth starter will have to unveil a strong candidate as well.

The rest of the division has bolstered their rosters in this off-season. Both the Phillies and the Braves have made some substantial changes that should lead both of these two teams to be favored in this upcoming season.

As the famous Casey at the back stanza stated, “Hope springs eternal within the human breast.” Fans will have hope that defies any logic. Remember fan is short for fanatic. It isn’t supposed to make sense.


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