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My Mets

I consider this my second stint living in New York City as I was shuttled up to Syracuse when I was seven, stayed there over twenty years and then came back to New York City. Living here as a sports fan forces you to make many serious decisions which one of them is, who to pledge your allegiance to. No, not the flag of the United States but what is your favorite New York team. Is it the Giants or Jets, Knicks or Nets, Islanders or Rangers, Mets or Yankees, Red Bulls or..., okay that was a stretch. Point being, you must choose one way or the other if you want to be taken serious as a fan in this city.
Twenty something years ago my father sat me down and made me watch a baseball game. On TV, (he has the same TV today), the New York Mets were playing the Chicago Cubs. Honestly, I can't remember who won that game (assumption, Mets) but I was drawn to how this team played with passion, fire, grit, all the adjectives that make up this city. I was immediately hooked and since have grown to love my Mets.
A few years later I moved to Syracuse but was fortunate enough to be able to continue watching the Mets through Cablevision broadcasts. I would follow every game, religiously. Eventually my faith would pay off as they won the World Series. I was ecstatic but sad as well because although emotionally and mentally I was drained but satisfied, physically I was in another city. I shed many tears that night when Orosco ended the game and more that followed as they were cheered down the Canyon of Heroes. I had to get back to New York City.
Fast Forward to 2010 and I am on the verge of crying all over again. Yes, I know, there is no crying in baseball but if Pedro can do it, so can I.
More than twenty years have passed and still no title. I feel empty so maybe there are no tears there to shed. I take that back, their big brothers in the Bronx just won their 27th so i do have tears left. Tears of anger, slight desperation, envy, hatred, I could go on. As one promotes, demands excellence the other seems to be satisfied with being mediocre, relevant, competitive. Anybody can be competitive. All you need is a little bit of luck, a couple of hot streaks, a bad division and some say competitive while true fans see it as being mediocre. I don't know anyone in the front office but I do know that real estate players view the bottom dollar, ticket sales, concession sales, items with a price tag more than say. world titles. They say they want to win but listen closely, they want to put a competitive team on the field and win a world championship. No, I want them to say, they want to win a world championship, period. Competitive only means you strive to stay relevant, mediocre.
I told myself that I don't support being mediocre and in return I would boycott going to Mets games and watching them on TV. Being angry and emotional turned me into an irrational person. Turning my back on them would be equivalent to me turning my back on a loved one and I just can't seem to do that.
The Mets were there for me when I got my first job, my first newborn, my first raise, my first car, high school and college graduations, they've been the topic of discussion at funerals, weddings, kid birthday parties and even at nightclubs. The Mets are a part of me that I truly love.
I can't boycott them. I have become an enabler. The more i tune in or go to their games, the more Ownership thinks it's okay. I am stuck in neutral just like the team. This year I will be there, yelling at the TV or in the stands cursing up a storm when someone drops a pop up and cheering when my player hits a homerun. It's what a true New York fan does.
The New York Mets, for better or for worse, we are bound forever. I will continue to follow you as you will continue to break my heart. You are more than my favorite team. You are THE team, MY team, my family, and I will always love you for that.


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