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My Mets (Again)

By: Alan Toppin

Two things happened recently that have altered my life. 1.) The birth of my daughter and 2.) Football season is over which means all the focus turns to either the NBA, NHL, the Olympics, or MLB. Yes, all Yankee fans begin to debate on whether they should've re-signed Damon or should Joba be the 5th starter. We as Mets fans have to debate on things like, the centerfield wall staying the same height or Oliver Perez being crazy or why is Luis Castillo still in the majors. It just doesn't make any sense. While other teams seem to be getting better because of their promise to the fans (Mariners), here we are given the same menu for the past four years. The same speed, pitching and defense. Well, where is the pitching?! You know it's bad when average pitchers and catchers turn you down. Who's going to catch? Omir Santos? 1st base, Murphy who can't hit for power, can't field, and can't run. The person next to him can't field, can't hit, and can't run. Wait, I just repeated myself. Let me try something different.
I am a big Reyes fan. For the life of me I just can't seem why David Wright is the face of the franchise when Reyes is the one that excites everyone but he hasn't run since last year. The chosen one, Mr. Wright lost all his power but it's not entirely his fault. What ownership builds a stadium that is counterproductive to their franchise player? The power alleys are the DEEPEST part of the field. Ownership has this all backwards. They are so into their stadium that they forget about the product on the field. It's embarassing.
I won't be hypocritical this year. If the Mets win I will cheer with cautious optimism and when they lose, I'll be used to it. That's where I am now as a fan until Ownership takes the blame off the players and begins to blame themselves. Go Mets!!!!! I guess????


  1. Thankk You finally someone agrees with me about Reyes being the key to the team and their success..wright means nothing, we were supposed to notice this after the 2009 season

  2. How are you going to say wright means nothing? Im pretty sure he was a key part in the teams moderate success the past three years. Hes hit over .300 every year besides his first year when he played only 70 games. Hes the only player on the Mets that is durable. Hes played over 150 games every year except for last year when he wa snailed in the head with a fastball. And then he only missed a few games when Reyes n Beltran and the rest of the team had been sitting on the IR. David Wright is the best player on the Mets and without him the Mets would have no leadership. He steps up and takes blame when he shouldn't. I would like to see reyes do that.