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So...New Year's resolution time...

by Jim McNierney

Instead of taking on resolutions that I know I'll break off from by mid January..., I think I'll resign myself to some that I know aren't really resolutions but sad facts.

I resolve to follow this flawed NY Mets franchise through another painful year.

I resolve that I'll gripe when they aren't playing well (which looks like it'll be most of the year or, at a minimum, four out of five games perhaps).

I resolve to accept the abuse by the Yankee fans in all walks of life. After all, that's what they do and they have a franchise that will spend more money than any other to maintain their prominent position in the sport. They have a long standing entitlement complex that allows them to look down on all other baseball team's fans with a air of amusement. Like the fat cat that is still playing with the mice that it captures before letting it die.

I resolve to wait until either Fred Wilpon sells this team (because he obviously has come upon some financially tough times) or the club acknowledges that they are in a rebuilding phase and are committed to restoring their farm system to some semblance of respectability before I can realistically get hopeful about any changes this club is considering making.

What this franchise needs is a plan not a free agent signing or some blockbuster trade, they need to make a commitment to building an organization that their fans can really take some pride in and garner some hope for the future (even though that future will likely be five years off).

1 comment:

  1. I will take the Jason Bay deal plus a good pitcher now and a promise to rebuild the team aswell.