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The move that changed the Mets luck...maybe.

By Dave Serna

Along with most Mets fans, every signing, well most signings, after many years have always intrigued me too the point that I am always questioning. Will this one do it, will this trade put the Mets into at least the playoffs?
The signing of Delgado in 2006 a Future Hall of Fame slugger that still can hit the ball a ton as long as he is healthy.
Pedro Martinez in 2005 who went 32-25 in 4 years then came back to make fools out of them with the Philly's last season.
Carlos Beltran who was signed in 2005 who has produced well with the Mets until he was plagued by injuries last year along with 3/4 of the rest of the team.
Johan Santana who was signed in 2008 for a song and a dance, which rounded off the Mets pitching staff at least I thought Except for the tail end of a game when the middle relief and closers did not finish what Santana started.
How about K-Rod and JJ Putz, this was to solve the tail end of the game issue. Two premier closers too take care of business.
Whoops, Putz is already history.
And then last year Jeff Francouer who was batting .250 with the Braves when they decided they would make a switch with the Mets for Ryan Church.
I believe as much as I liked Church, Francouer was the better end of the deal finishing with 10HR's 44RBI's and a .310 AVG in approx the same span with the Mets.
Mets and trades how far can we go back, how many have ended up...just not panning out that well? Look too the future, learn from the past.
So here we are, a physical away from signing one of the two most wanted sluggers out there at this point, Jason Bay. Matt Holliday being the other.
Who will change the Mets offensive woe's? Which one will help bring back scary lineup?
More than likely, either would have done the job as long as the DL is not an issue.
Who can predict what will happen?
How ever you look at this signing, the Mets most certainly needed to make a move after the Phillies signing of Halladay.
Bay wasted a lot of time in Pittsburgh, not stat wise just winning wise.
He served the Boston Red Sox well with his short stent there.
In 7 seasons Bay has hit 185 HR's and drove in 610 RBI's with a .280 career AVG.
Is this a good move? Yes. Have the Mets overpaid? Sure. Do they have a guy that can make a very dangerous outfield? Absolutely. Will he be able to hit in a pitcher friendly park? Uhhh..Yeah?
Questions are always there in every signing the Mets make.
But if they did nothing, there would be more questions.
The Mets are the Mets and will always play second fiddle to the Yankees. But it's still New York and making moves, big moves is what it's all about.
I'm glad they got him....right now.