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Mets adding to the DL before the season starts.

By David Serna

Im all for giving guys a second chance, especially when they happen to have had success in the past.
But getting rid of one (JJ Putz) injury prone set up guy that missed most of last season, for a former set up guy (Kelvin Escobar)that missed all of 2008 and most of 2009 is not registering in my head very well.
Escobar was 11-14 in 2006 and 18-7 in 2007 has had a history of shoulder trouble in the past.
Is this really what the Mets need?
Escobar has had past set up and relief success and more than likely will be asked to fill in where Putz failed last year, among others.
The Mets still have an issue with starting pitching, most with the exception of Santana can make it past the 5th inning, or finish the 6th if they make it there.
Maine is still an issue with a injury prone past, and Perez never seemed to get his on again off again performances to stay on the plus side.
Pelfrey pitched well, but not like the previous year when he rolled off several wins in a row, and the rest of the rotation was as lack luster as the offense.
Yes the DL took it's toll on my NY Mets team, but power, rbi's, steals and avg were all down considerably in the 2009 season.
Is this pitching staff going to be able to keep runs down?
Maybe every 5 days.
Better question, is Escobar going to be a starter again when one of these guys goes down?
So what does this signing mean to Mets fans, sorry not much. Another bandaid on the already gapping wound.
Lacky went to Boston, and Halladay to an already loaded for bear Phillies team.
And other pretty good pitchers have already claimed their new teams.
This is how the Mets respond? Not to scary.
Maybe Citi Field did not bring in the revenue it should have last year.
I know Madoff's seats did not fetch what they should have.
So what's next for the Mets?
Who knows, Jason Bay is still looking for his next chunk of change.
Wake up Mets, or he'll be gone next.


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