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Pick Your Poison: 2007,2008, or 2009?

Saying that you are a Met fan the last three years may stir a couple of reactions depending on the person you are conversing with. Laughs are the most common, coming from both Non-Met fans and also Met fans alike. Sadness may be another reaction by people who feeling the same pain as you. Some may even look at you and walk away, or as I like to do when approached about the Mets, respond with, “its football season.” The pain is real for die-hards like me. It is like getting kicked in the groin repeatedly, except you know that it’s coming each time. It won’t stop either. You never get skipped, and the person that’s kicking you never gets tired. It’s the same old thing again and again; we all know the story, a classic horror. The question is, and this is something I get asked a lot: Which year has been harder for you, the current 2009 season, the 2008 C-word, or the 2007 C-word?
This is something I’ve thought a lot about and I think I have an answer. This year has been the worst. 2009 is THE worst season I’ve ever seen as a fan of this team since the early 1990’s. There are a myriad of reasons for this, and of course I can see arguments made by the other side. But take into consideration that I was in attendance at Shea Stadium when Tom Glavine pitched like a Minor Leaguer, no wait it was more like a Little Leaguer, on that final Sunday when the game was over before we even got to hit. Then in 2008, my father, younger brother and I decided to play a sick joke on each other and re-new our Sunday Plan for the season. Once again, we were there watching the Marlins make a joke of us in our final game at Shea, while also scoreboard watching CC Sabathia pitch us out of a one-game playoff. The emotion in the stadium that day was legitimately like a funeral. That is something I truly will never forget. Then came 2009, new stadium, new bullpen, new closer, everything was looking up. We renewed our Sunday plan tickets again foolishly, because we love to take years off of our lives rooting for this team. And everyone knows the story of this year.
So for me, having witnessed the turmoil of the past three years, this past one has definitely been the worst. First of all, I haven’t been able to actually see the 2009 Mets play together for more than 20 games at most. I really do not feel that if Putz, Reyes, Delgado, Beltran, Maine, Perez, and Johan were healthy for entire season we still would be this awful. We couldn’t be, even if we are the Mets. Since all of these players have been on the DL, the team has been out of it for so long. The games don’t matter, and there is no excitement as a fan to turn on the game at 7:05 and have it mean nothing. In 2007 and 2008, at least things were important going into the first week of October. Everything mattered, there was something to watch and root for. I know and everyone else knows that they ripped our hearts out with those C-words but at least we were above .500. We watched our players have phenomenal seasons in those 2 years. Reyes was over 200 hits in ’08, Beltran and Delgado were hitting homeruns every other day. Imagine that? Hitting homeruns! That’s something I have not seen out of our team at all this year, unless Omir Santos is playing.
Another thing us Met fans have to be depressed about is the constant comparison between our team and the teams around us. I talk to friends of mine who root for the Red Sox, and I was recently watching a game with them. They were talking about how bad Jason Varitek was, how he has no power anymore, etc, etc. I looked at them and asked them if they realized that if Varitek was on the Mets this year, he’d lead the team in homeruns. Then I have to hear it from Yankee fans who are never satisfied, ever. I think Brett Gardner, a “speedster” may have more homeruns then David Wright. Just kidding, but Met fans know what I mean.
In terms of style of play, nothing has changed from 2007 to 2009. We make more mistakes this year if anything. The base running is absolutely unbelievable, the errors are comical, and the excuses by our manager are the best. I don’t think anyone really knows how or why at this point, in late September, Jerry Manuel is rumored to have total job security. That’s funny. But you know what, at this point, I wouldn’t expect anything else. Even if he is to retain his job, why can’t our organization put a little pressure on him to do better by hinting at a possible replacement? Oh wait, I know why, because Omar Minaya is the face of our organization. This is the genius who speaks broken English that tried to get into a verbal argument with someone who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, Adam Rubin. Rubin made him look silly, or maybe Omar made himself look silly, either way, he’s our General Manager. I know we’ve had injuries and everything but look at our starting rotation. He did nothing to bolster it besides sign a juvenile head case pitcher (Oliver Perez) to a contract that pays him $12 million a year. Just to put that in perspective, Randy Wolf, Bobby Abreu, and Orlando Hudson all signed for $5 million or less, all getting one year deals. We are lucky enough to get two more years of hearing Gary Cohen and Ron Darling talk about how great Perez’s stuff is and that he just needs to “figure it out.” Our number 2 starter, Mike Pelfrey is under .500 with an era over 5. Sounds like a solid number 2. John Maine would be good if the games were 3 innings, he could go 2 innings with 100 pitches thrown, and then we can bring K-Rod in. In a perfect world we would actually be winning one of Maine’s starts. Who am I kidding? And that’s our number 3 guy supposedly. I already touched on Oli Perez. Then there’s perennial Cy Young contenders Tim Redding and Livan Hernandez. No further comment is necessary.
This is what we are and what we always will be as part of the Mets. And as fans I believe we are a part of the organization. Having said this, for some reason, I can’t and will not ever stop loving everything about this team. Because when we win, and I say WHEN for a reason, it will be the best experience of my life. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have been alive during the 1986 run, but I can only imagine what that was like for Met fans. So, I ask you Met fans to just forget about this season, because this is the lowest of the low. It really can only go up from here. And, to get back to my point, think of it this way. In 2007 and 2008, in late September, you were heading home from school or work to watch the game, because it meant something. This year, in 2009, you’re staying at work late on purpose, or getting home to watch the King of Queens.


  1. As a yankee fan I can appreciate the despair. Very good assessment of the lowly Mets.

  2. I like how a die hard mets fan can actually admit when they are having a bad season. great article :)

  3. Written so well, makes even a Yankee fan feel sorry for Met fans...there's always next year for you

  4. To know real pain would have to be a Met fan in their lowest all of 1979. The sun will shine again and all will be right at Shea (I refuse to call it Citifield)

  5. Pin Stripes FOREVER...written like a true "champion"

  6. you need young players that dont care about making millions and are driven by the passion of playing...too many players are more worried about playing to get the incentives in there contracts rather than run out a ground ball to starts with pitching pitching pitching!!! without a bridge from santana and perez they are useless like tits on a bull...last of all they need Bobby V. back in queens!!!!!!!!

  7. you should seriously consider switching over from the dark side into the light in which our championship rings glisten