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Elimination Sequence Finalized

Well, it’s official. The NY Mets have been mathematically eliminated from the 2009 pennant races. In true “Amazin’” fashion, they were eliminated at the hands of the rival Phillies while being shutout by Pedro Martinez. The same Pedro Martinez that was their former ace… The same pitcher they discarded from their own team at the end of last year’s disappointing campaign.

Somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright…
… There is no joy in Metsville, mighty Casey lost all his hope in June.

Speaking of Casey, I’m sure the “Ol’ Professor” is up in heaven now trying to string a series of rationalizations together to explain the latest collapse of his “Metsies”. He and Gil Hodges are looking down in bewilderment just shaking their heads.

Met fans would love to just fast forward now onto spring training and avoid the painful off season where undoubtedly there will be some wholesale changes to this club. There needs to be some wholesale changes to this club.

The last four years have been a very bitter pill to swallow for anyone who has followed this club’s progress into being a contender, winning one division and just missing the playoffs despite big leads in the final weeks of the last two years to being an absolute pathetic second class team this season despite an unbelievably high pay roll.

This year, they will conclude was the by-product of some very bad luck. There is no argument that the Mets had to contend with a bizarre string of injuries to key players, substitute players and the substitutes to the substitutes. Their pitching staff went from a highly touted squad to a series of question marks in the first month of the season. No position player was spared and no starting pitcher was spared.

If Omar Minaya still has the trust of this embattled franchise, he will have the unenviable task of not only developing a strategy but, selling that strategy to the fans of this team. These fans that have a new ball park that is looking pretty vacant these days with some extremely high ticket prices for what is (right now) a very poor product in a very big market. With the third highest payroll in baseball right now, these outcomes are unacceptable.


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