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Mets versus Yankees More of the Same...

by Jim McNierney

The Mets would be best served if they left the big market of NY city and perhaps took up residence in either the Japanese or Mexican leagues. Guam would be nice actually. Despite a lot of talent and a lot of expense on behalf of the owners, (and the tax payers of the state of New York) this team can’t win. They can’t win. They can’t win.

They don’t know how to win. The Mets are playing like a team that is not confident in their abilities but rather like a team that doesn’t want to lose. They are waiting for the other shoe to drop. They are looking over their shoulder the whole time that they are on the field. They are compiling the excuses that they will relate to the press in the eighth inning when they are winning by a run and know it’ll dribble into extra innings and eventually slip from their grasp.

With very few notable individual exceptions, they don’t have any team chemistry.

The great teams, the championship teams are the ones that collectively draw strength from one another, have a common purpose and they expect to win. The Mets have some strong individuals but seemingly no leaders. They have no leaders who will pull the weaker members of the team up by their bootstraps when they are slumping, a leader who would chastise bad play (not publicly) and would essentially lead by example.

Championship teams innately know how to “close the deal” when they have a lead and not allow an opponent to nickel and dime themselves back into the game. Championship teams have a swagger and a confidence that is displayed in ordinary routine plays as well as in stunning, spectacular plays.

Yes, they have been beset with more than their fair share of injuries but leaning on that crutch is a cop out. They should own last place teams and not have to struggle every time they play one. They should be able to hold there own with stronger teams (despite the injuries) and avoid the types of mental errors and poor decision making that has been so prevalent in what Met fans have had to put up with over the course of the last three weeks of play.

Carlos Beltran recently said he was embarrassed by the team’s play in the recent four game sweep the Mets suffered at the hands of the Pittsburgh Pirates. I can assure you Carlos, that the Met fans are even more embarrassed.

Tonight we watched the destruction of the last vestige of pride, the last dollop of hope for any kind of success this year. We watched the Mets battle the cross town rival Yankees through 8 innings in a see saw game with the Mets scratching out a run in the eighth inning against Mariano Rivera to take a lead into the ninth inning at Yankee stadium. We watched as our “money” closer, K-Rod who hasn’t blown a save all year garner the first two outs of the inning. With two runners on base, we watched as K-Rod battled A-Rod and coaxed the All-Star third baseman to pop up weakly to second base. Looks like game over. They might actually have pulled off a win but… nooooo. Luis Castillo lets the pop up squirt out of his glove (whatever happened to the instruction that every little leaguer has been told to catch a pop up with two hands, TWO HANDS… ) and allow the two runs to score and the game slip away.

This makes the third time in as many days that Met fans have watched their beloved team blow leads against rival teams to lose in the last inning. There is only so much heartache even a day-hard fan can stomach.

Watching the Mets has become very much akin to watching two trains converge on the same track over a bridge high above some canyon river. It’s a spectacular disaster that we can’t turn our eyes away from.

I only wish we could.

1 comment:

  1. That was painful indeed - I think I might have even caught that pop up. What galls the most is that it was A-Rod who should have blown it in the clutch and instead it was Castillo. I mean to waste Wright's go ahead double against Rivera!