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An Edgy Topic

Thank you Omar Minaya. Thank you for finally saying what every person who follows the New York Mets has been thinking for the last 2 years. In an interview with Fox's Ken Rosenthal, Omar was quoted as saying that the Mets certainly have talent, but they lack a certain edge. And he's absolutely right. There are no scowls on this team, no bruisers, no hot heads, no players that are willing to mix things up. As an outsider looking in, you almost get the feeling that there is a "ho hum" mentality for every player when they don't come through in a big situation. It feels like there's no sense of urgency, with only a "we'll get 'em next time" attitude.

David Wright questioned Omar by countering that his statements "just aren't true." But even he can't deny this one, and lately its been Wright who is the poster boy for this perceived lack of edge. How many times do I have to watch him calmly take off his helmet and batting gloves with a blank stare out to right field after strike out to end an inning? As recently as 2 years ago, Wright was one of the best 2 strike hitters in the game. He would shorten his swing and slap a base hit to right field every time. Now he keeps the long swing intact, and its led him be #1 in the entire league in strikeouts.

I'm not saying these guys need to throw tantrums like little leaguers out there. But give me something here...just let me know you care. Slam your helmet, throw at an opposing hitter, get ejected from a SOMETHING to let us know that you're not happy with mediocrity and losing. Ever since the collapse in 2007 this team has played scared. They don't intimidate anyone, and rarely come through in big moments. If we all want to believe that this team can seriously compete for a world championship, all of this needs to change.

Let me ask you a question. Would you rather have a team with a bunch of degenerates that everyone else in the league hated, but won most of their games and even a World Series? Or would you rather have a bunch of nice guys that were mediocre at best and failed to make the playoffs 3 years in a row. If you chose the 1st option you just put the 1986 Mets over the 2007-2009 ones. Those guys in '86 had an edge. They had bench clearing brawls, clutch hits over and over again, and dominant pitchers that weren't afraid to back people off the plate. That's the team I want in my life....that's who these Mets need to aspire to be. With Wright, Reyes, Beltran, Delgado, Santana, KRod, Putz - the talent is there....Now all we need is the heart.

Mets Blog Writer: Jeff Bertinetti


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