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Real Life

Baseball is just a game. Nothing more, nothing less. It's just a game. We cheer for our teams and live and die with their wins and losses, but in the end we must realize its just a game. I wanted to talk about how perplexing it was that the Mets signed Gary Sheffield. I wanted to talk about how the bullpen has been excellent so far in locking down 2 wins. I wanted to talk about how Oliver Perez's inconsistency is going to drive all of us nuts throughout this year. But lets remember, this is just a game.

All of us New Yorkers picked up the New York Post this week and saw a back page cover of Joba Chamberlin's mug shot for a DWI. The initial reaction was we all laughed. We knew about this months ago, but the visual image of the mug shot, coupled with the fact that he insulted the city of New York and Yogi Berra's height, gave us a little bit of laughter. I'll be the first to say that his comments were funny and his mug shot was funnier. But after we learned that young Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart died hours after he threw 6 scoreless innings, it all doesn't seem so funny anymore.

Let it be known that this is a sad day for baseball fans. This kid was a great underdog story. He was signed at 18, had already undergone 1 Tommy John surgery, and had put in his time in the minor leagues. When he finally made it to the show last year, it wasn't very impressive. But he dedicated himself to his craft and even earned the praise of coach Mike Scioscia as being one of the hardest workers in Spring Training. He finally made his quality start on the night of April 9th, and only hours after that start he was gone.

He was gone because of something that should have never happened. The gentleman (low life) driving the mini van that struck his car was driving on a suspended license. He had already been caught for driving drunk before, but it didn't stop him from getting in the car again. For this he deserves to be punished, for what he did after he hit the car he deserves to get far worse. He knew he crippled, maybe even killed, everyone in that car. So he ran. He got out of his car without injury and ran away. This has to be viewed as simply unacceptable in our society and he needs to pay for this.

You pray for the family, for the Angels organization, and even for the fans. Think about it - Mike Pelfrey is almost the same age as this kid. He's our number 2 pitcher, just like Adenhart (for the time being) was their number 2. Imagine if Pelfrey, who you followed all through the minors, through the years he struggled in the majors, and who you're now following as a possible major league stud, was killed so senselessly. I'm not sure how we all would deal with it. But let it be known that there should be no more laughter at anyone being arrested for a DWI anymore. The risks and consequences are simply too drastic.

Tomorrow the Angels will get back on the field. There's no doubt they will wear heavy hearts and it may even affect their play. It could affect it for a day, a week, or a month. But let's realize that this is just a game. Nick Adenhart was just a kid with a dream. As soon as he molded this dream into a reality, it was all taken from him far too soon. So lets keep Nick, the Angels organization and the Angels fans in our hearts. After all, baseball is just a game...there are things out there that are far more serious.


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