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Bring Back Pedro

by Tim Intravia

Remember all of 5 years ago when we signed Pedro, how much the mindset in NY changed? It wasn't just cause we signed probably the greatest pitcher of the last 20, it was because bringing Pedro in was bigger than his numbers, it was a change in thinking. A change in business procedures for the Mets...bringing in a guy with the reputation of Pedro, changed the way other players looked at the "second team" in NY.

Pedro is the kind of guy you absolutely HATE...unless he is on your team, and then you think he is the greatest gift to baseball ever. Now i don't know if Manny is the same way, and I am OK with not ever knowing that, but Pedro brings a sense of play and fun to a team that these Mets desperately need. Especially considering how much the Carloses lack in that department. Wouldn't it be great if David Wright, at 25, didn't have to be the one dealing with all the crap that will undoubtedly flow his way should the mets stumble at any point during the season? And if Omar Minaya was content to give Moises Alou 7 Million dollars for his 50 at bats last year, yes SEVEN million, then can't he give Pedro 2.5 with the chance to earn more through incentives (which Pedro would surely take). Doesn't it seem odd that Pedro is practically on his knees begging to come back to Flushing, and the mets are saying "nah...we'd rather let these washed up guys (who haven't looked anything like the way you have) take the 5th starter's job."

I mean COME ON! Bring Pedro back becasue
A)He is not that expensive (and with an incentive laden deal, it is a gauranteed no brainer!)
B)He is NOT Livan, Freddy or Redding
C)He wants to come back
D)He keeps the guys loose
E)Even a bad, washed up Pedro is better than any of the 3 guys already mentioned
F)He is Pedro.
G)He is Latino, which has become a prerequisite for singing with the Mets since his first signing



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