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by Tim Intravia

So the METS proudly posted last week on their website that more than 800,000 people entered the drawing for the chance to purchase home opener seats. This is something the mets consider an achievement of some sort....why? why? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

Let's consider that 15,000 more people are shut out of going to this years home opener due to the fact that Citifield has that many less seats. The mets want us to think this is because they want fans (or are we called "Clients" now?) at the game to have a better view of the field...but anyone not born yesterday knows the Mets just want to sell those remaining seats at an inflated price. Now I'm no economist, but that is simple common sense of supply and demand. Business you could say....and that's what baseball is. Business.

Only through our own distortions of reality can we, the loyal fans convince ourselves that it is still a game, something to set our clocks by and get us through half of the calendar year. In actuality, it is one big-ass marketing scheme. And we swallow it hook, line and sinker because it is the only one we have.

We do and will continue to pay $40 bucks for an obstructed view seat, $24 for a few domestic beers, and $12 for a pair of hot dogs that we try to justify as dinner. Peanuts, cracker jacks, heck maybe a scorecard?...well i hope you got a good christmas bonus cause i draw the line somewhere......yes, we have no problem giving someone 12 million dollars for 6 months of work who isn't even great at what he does and has a losing record to boot...that is totally cool, meanwhile the ushers this year at citifield aren't even allowed to take tips...the Wilpon's think they might be selling seats if they do and don't want people to think an usher or two would be up to such badness like they want that to be all their own.

Citifield already feels like the times square of baseball. Once you enter and get over the excitement that "this is brand new and you can be the one to scratch your name into a seat forever," you will realize that you are a walking dollar sign. You have a target on your back, front and on your cap. It might appear to be an "N Y," but look a little closer and you will see all the green bleeding out of that orange and blue hat, (that you paid $40 for.)


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