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Patching things up...

by the Upper Deck Bum

Happy Tuesday true believers.  Thank you for stopping by Metsmix and I hope your day is an inspired one, unlike the latest addition to our team's jersey.  I was going to write about two topics today: Retired numbers and the 26/2 rivalry between New York's teams.  That post will come later this week but after seeing the 2009 jersey patch commemorating the inaugural season at (what I usually refer to as Jackie Robinson Field but in this blog I'll call it by it's real and blah name) Citi Field, I had to weigh in.  It's kinda beyond words.  For those of you who haven't seen it yet, check it out:


Oh my God is right.  For the past two or so seasons the Citi Field logo has irked me greatly.  Uninspired, boring and worst of all it reeked of corporate marketing.  I was unaware until recently that MLB and rightfully so restricts any product or company logos/names from appearing on team jerseys.  So my theory is simple.  Citigroup branded the Citi Field logo (where Citi is written exactly as it is on the Citigroup logo) into the minds of the fan base for the past several years.  Now for the entirety of the 2009 season whenever we look at the right shoulder of a player and no doubt the countless other places they'll slap this commercial onto (above the dug outs, souvenir cups, programs, etc.) we all will undoubtedly think of Citigroup. In the hopes that the Met fan will what?  Listen to their subconscious mind repeating in a zombie like voice, "Must open a Citi Bank account.  Must open a Citi Bank account."  News flash Citigroup, your little Jedi mind trick ain't gonna work on us New Yorkers.

I join the united voices in asking - not begging nor pleading for the Wilpon's and the powers that be to come up with something a little more creative.  Something pleasing to the eye.  Perhaps including the beautiful design of the exterior of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda? You struck gold with the jersey patches to honor the final season at Shea last year.  'We believe' you can do it again!  There are few things I enjoy more than taking shots at those a few miles northwest of Flushing however I can't today.  Sure, I could say that Spankee management doesn't need to appease some corporation because the city gave them a sizable amount (more than the Mets) of our tax dollars during a recession to build their multi-billion dollar clone of a stadium but I'm not gonna do that.  Why?  They got us on this one!  In my not-so-humble opinion their final season patch wasn't as well designed as ours but it was no where near the level of disaster that this V8 starved rectangle is.  I hate - truly hate to say it but the image below is far more elegant.  


I hope the front office listens to those who keep them in business and goes back to the drawing board re-imagining something with a little class.  Something fans won't buy simply for the sake of it being a collectors item but because they actually want to look at the damn thing. It's bad enough that our new home isn't named for the extraordinary individual it should be and that everywhere we look is an advertisement for something we don't want but for product placement to appear on Met jerseys is just cheap.  What's worse is they think they're being sneaky about it.  Phh-lease.

The Mets have enough legitimate problems that can't be so easily solved.  Not to mention there's the past two seasons that fuel the anti-Met machine.  Do we really need to give the haters another excuse to point and laugh at us and worse, in this case know their right to do so? I may be an Upper Deck Bum, but I know - I know what I'm talking about this time.  Now if you'll excuse me, after complimenting the Spankees earlier I must go shower.  


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