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The Lowe down on the Braves and Derek Lowe

By Scott McCarthy

I am sure a lot of Mets fans will predictably start calling into the sports talk shows, screaming about how Omar Minaya dropped the ball, and let Derek Lowe slip through his fingers. I am here to save you some money on your cell phone bill, don’t waste your time.

Derek Lowe was indeed the only proven number two type starter left on the market, that does not mean that the Mets cannot sign a one of the remaining pitchers and not only get the same numbers, but maybe even better in the long run.

Let me explain, the Braves has essentially signed on to what brakes down to a four year, $15 Million per season contract for a pitcher who will be 36 in June and will be 40 in the final year of his contract, would you want your team paying a 40 year old who at that point may be no better then your number three or four starter, taking into account that in four years Mike Pelfrey & John Maine should progress and move up the rotation.

The Derek Lowe deal with the braves was a lock the second John Smoltz signed with the Boston Red Sox, Frank Wren has been on the hot seat from that second not only by being criticized by long time Atlanta Brave Chipper Jones (More affectionately known as Larry in these parts) but the quote in the Atlanta Journal Constitution best sums up the thoughts on the current Braves GM “The Braves General Manager deserves to be flogged, flayed and fricasseed for the sin of letting John Smoltz leave for Boston”

The fact of the matter the Braves were forced to overpay for the best available option, the Mets rotation is in much better shape then Atlanta’s and remember all we wanted at the end of last season was an improved bullpen, we have that now. There are a handful of quality starters still available, and if I was Omar, I would not take Scott Boras’ bait and not over pay for Oliver Perez, if I could not get him to agree to a deal that was about $12M for three to four years, I would immediately end discussions and for a little more then Oliver Perez, the Mets could go out and sign Ben Sheets & Jon Garland, that would move recently signed Tim Redding to a long relief or spot starter role.

So repeat after me….The Braves still suck….The Braves still suck….there don’t you feel better?


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