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Time to earn your paycheck

For two straight days there has been nearly 200 million dollars being passed around the city of New York. I guess that is not too surprising being it is the holiday season and people are spending money getting gifts for their loved ones. Hold on though; that is not the amount people spent shopping. Then it must be another bailout for someone; MTA, GM, CITI? No, that is not it either. This pretty penny is the amount spent bringing two big time pitchers to the Big Apple. Talk about an individual bailout, but the Mets are needing a bailout of their own. What they need is someone to bailout the atrocioty of pitchers which for a lack of a better word we called a "bullpen" last year. Now all of the Met faithful know that we will give K-ROD atleast a shot to beat his record of 62 being that we have to sweat out almost every single game. What I want to see though is Francisco throw every single pitch like it is worth 37 million dollars. Nothing should be taken for granted, especially in these tough times. We need K-ROD to be out there every time a save opportunity presents itself and I don't think any hard-working, big time New York Met fans who bust their butts everyday to earn a living are going to except any less. There should be no excuses with small injuries like we had with Wagner. Now I know last year he had a major injury, but I can't forget the times when he wasn't in the pen due to minor ailments. K-ROD has to be the guy now, we do not need another goat. I just hope he goes out there and pitches his heart out while maintaing the mentality which makes him want to earn that money. I would have liked to see him wear the number 37 instead of 75 just as a reminder, but let us see what he can deliver in the big city.


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