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Reed All About It

By Scott McCarthy

Relegated to nothing but afterthoughts in the JJ Putz trade, I thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at two players who may play bigger roles in the 2009 Mets success, Jeremy Reed & Sean Green after all how many times has a role player been the hero of a pivotal game or immortalized for a memorable clutch play. While the Francisco Rodriguez’s and JJ Putz’s of the world get the big back page headlines, players like Sean Green & Jeremy Reed are relegated to a brief mention in the trade description, yet both are bound to be called upon at some crucial moment and how they react to being in a pressure situation with the lights on bright will be just as important to the 2009 Mets season as how many saves K-Rod racks up or how many steal Jose Reyes can swipe.

First up, The Side Arming relief pitcher Sean Green, not to be confused with former Mets outfielder Shawn Green, the acquisition of Sean Green may be one of the most over looked pick ups of the offseason, being overshadowed by JJ Putz, at the time of the trade Keith Law of Scouts Inc. ranked Sean Green as the fourth best pick up of the offseason thus far (behind only #1-C.C. Sabathia, #2-J.J. Putz & #3-Francisco Rodriguez) and Law went on to say he believes he has better stuff then Joe Smith, the exact quote is "A right-handed specialist with tremendous sink on his fastball, Green should be the guy the Mets thought Joe Smith or Eddie Kunz would be -- their replacement for Chad Bradford, who was so valuable in their 2006 bullpen. "Not bad for the Mets, having 3 out of the top 5 offseason moves. Green had a ERA of 4.67 and a record of 4-5 in 2008, but at closer examination may show that the ERA is a result of fatigue, as the 29 year old pitchers 1st half ERA was only 2.72 compared to his second half ERA of 8.65, so either he was fatigued or the league started to figure out how to deal with delivery, but even the newly acquired JJ Putz has said he believed Sean Green was over used last year. I think the change of leagues and being part f a much deeper bullpen (what a difference a few months make) will result in more consistent numbers from someone who may be used going by his splits will be used as a specialist against righties, as righties hit a mere .233 compared to lefties who tagged him for .299 which is still not awful,

Now on to lets move on to Jeremy Reed who is most likely to fill the role of the departed and beloved Endy Chavez, this is a tough spot for Reed to come into as he will essentially be replacing a cult hero among the Mets faithful, Endy Chavez forever endeared himself to the Mets fan base with what is known as simply “The Catch” you mention those two words to any Mets fan and they will know exactly what you mean.

Taking a look at Reed’s career thus far he seems to be very similar to Endy Chavez, a light hitting defensive specialist, so why trade a player who is so similar to the player you are receiving, essentially for the same reason Aaron Heilman was dealt, Reed had not lived up to Mariners organization’s expectations.

Jeremy Reed was originally a second round draft pick of the Chicago White Sox in 2002, were he received comparisons to Kevin Youkilis for his discipline at the plate from Baseball Prospectus.

He would then be traded as part of the package in the trade for Freddy Garcia in 2004, in 19 games that year for the Mariners he had hit .397 and became the starting center fielder going into 2005, however he disappointed with a .254 batting average that year, and a big contributor to that average was his .200 average against lefties, but his glove work was starting to emerge and he led all qualified center fielders in range and zone ratings and also had seven assists and only three errors earning him a .992 fielding percentage. There are many who believe that Reed's batting drop off was due in part to nagging injuries he had been dealing with throughout the season.

While he did struggle at the plate Reed remained the starting Center Fielder in 2006, but he was injured crashing into a wall while attempting to make a catch, which resulted in a broken thumb, while his glove remained solid his bat continued to slip and he batted .217, which when considering his bat is what made him such a highly touted prospect in the first place is rather strange.

Headed into 2007 the team decided to move Ichiro to Center and reed was demoted to the minors, he was eventually called up toward the end of the year and batted .176, then in 2008 he started rebounding, no longer a starter he was now being used as a late innings defensive replacement, much like Endy Chavez and that switch resulted in him batting .269 in 97 games, the team remained unsure of what role he should play and even had him play a game at first base, which if he can handle would be a great versatile option for the Mets with the less then graceful Delgado situated on first base for one more season.

Jeremy Reed could become the latest “throw-in” that turns into a gem for Omar, remember Oliver Perez was a throw-in type player and so was John Maine, New York loves hard nosed, all out players and Jeremy Reed seems to fit that mold and just like Aaron Heilman maybe all he needs to get back on track is to be a new face in a new place, unlike his first few seasons in Seattle he will not be pressured with being a starting center fielder and stressing about breaking out of prolonged slumps, he will essentially go unnoticed, just like he has been so far in his brief tenure as a New York Met, but just like Endy Chavez before him all it takes is one good day and then everybody will take notice, and can’t you see the back page of the Daily News now, the day after Jeremy Reed makes and amazing catch in the late innings that ends up helping the Mets win the game, you just know it will be plastered across the page with the image of the play saying “REED ALL ABOUT IT!”


  1. Thank you for recognizing what a great player Jeremy is. I will miss him and his amazing catches at Safeco. I wish him all the luck. Thanks again!

  2. marvinno.1fan

    well! jeremy reed is really a fantastic player, it's just that he's been playing with the terrible baseball team... if given more playing time especially with lefties he can be great player and an all star!! i think he fits with new york mets... hope they start him in the outfield on the opening game...and he's hot & goodlooking too! but only second to david wright!

  3. I am glad you both enjoyed my take on Jeremy Reed. I am hoping a change of scenery is all he needs to take his game to the next level, once more fans in the New York area get to see him play, I have no doubt he will become a fan favorite.

    For the Seattle fans who will miss him, I promise you Endy Chavez is just as great with his glove, and I hope he gets a chance to play everyday in Seattle.